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THIS SITE IS NOT CURRENTLY BEING MAINTAINED. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME at: with any questions. Otherwise, feel free to have a look around.

Quote and Counterquote

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." - Gloria Steinem

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." - Hamlet, Act III, Scene II

Welcome Writers(This Means YOU!)

My aim here is to provide a resource for any and all writers here
for help, commiseration, carmaraderie, and recognition amidst the
morass of self-published writing on the web. Too much writing is
published on the web without criticism. This is why you will not
find very much of my writing here, although I imagine I scribble about as
much as most. Instead, I hope to provide links to resources on the web
I've found most useful as well as some resources and contests I think
you'll find nowhere else. Suggestions, ideas, comments, criticism and
crackpots are always welcome to send me e-mail by clicking on the link
at the bottom of the page.  


Class PROPOSAL: "No more teachers no more.." - A writing class without teachers.. interested? Click on this link. I still think this would be a great idea. We'd alll have to just go for it.
The Obligatory Reading List: A literary playlist of sorts, find out what I've read, what I'm reading.. contribute your own books&lists
The Soapbox: Read my column on writing - and tell me what you think. Want more? Write in.
World's Smallest Writing Contest: CONTEST OVER. If you submitted in 1997 you may resubmit.
The Rejection Letter Gallery: From the "misery loves company" files.. don't get mad, get writing
My Resume is no longer online at this site. You may e-mail me to request a paper copy.
Inevitable List of Links: Friends of this site and links to writing courses on-line

Matthew Eberle

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